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Dancing Hands


A community Dance Initiative

Our mission is to provide high quality, positive and collaborative dance experiences. Our classes are for everyone but we especially want to create opportunities for young people who are under represented with limited resources or support to engage with dance.

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We provide collaborative creative dance classes where participants are part of all that is created, learning many life skills along the way. Our classes promote:

  • Health and wellbeing - both physical and mental health benefits to being involved. 

  • Ownership and Choice - providing many opportunities for the young people to use their voice to lead the outcomes of their dance experiences. Ensuring they feel heard and valued. 

  • Inclusivity - providing a safe space where all our welcome. Promoting feelings of inclusion and being part of the community. 

  • Facilitation - rather than teaching, young people will be at the forefront of the direction the sessions take. 

We realise the impact the pandemic has had on young peoples' lives. Latitude Dance will help to improve young peoples' wellbeing and reduce feelings of isolation through being part of something positive and productive. 

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